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Beverage Industry News (NG) accepts advertising from businesses. We have a very large and diverse audience being that the topics we cover addresses issues that affect the general consumer market. So your advertising Naira will be getting the maximum mileage you deserve. Please note that our advertising relationship does not influence our editorial coverage on our site.

Here is what we offer for ad space and the corresponding sizes.

Banner Ads
Leader board (468 x 60), a well placed ad at the top right, near the logo. Shows up on every page.

Skyscraper banner (120 x 600), anywhere on the left or right side, where a space currently exits. Shows up on every page.

Between body of text – (300 x 250), between body of content.

Sponsored Posts
Sponsored Posts are articles written and submitted by the advertiser introducing our audience to their products or services. This write-ups are usually between 200 – 400 words in length and may include photos and videos. The photo will appear in our feature slider for a per-determined time. The photo size must be 500 x 280. All advertorials are subject to our approval.

Please contact us for pricing or any other questions.

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