About Us

Beverage Industry News (NG) is a trade news resource for the Nigerian beverage industry.

This includes those involved in the manufacture, wholesale, importation and distribution of beverage drinks, such as bottled water, carbonated soft drinks, juice drinks, tea and coffee, sports drinks, energy drinks, diary drinks, beer, palm wine and wines and spirits.

We report on trends in the industry such as new products, capital investments in new plants and equipment, mergers and acquisitions/sale, packaging, transportation, distribution and technological innovations.

We also provide a platform for small and large businesses to introduce their products and services to industry stakeholders (distributors) and consumers. This is a fee-based sponsored content. Please see our advert page  for details.

In addition, we provide consulting services to firms trying to enter a segment of the industry, with such things as segment research reports, importers lists and other services that would assist a would be investor make the right decision.

Updated: 28th Apr, 2019