Nigerian Breweries bolsters safety around facilities to protect staff against Corona Virus

Sade Morgan

Nigerian Breweries Plc has stressed the importance of safety and security of its staff. The brewing company made this claim when its Corporate Affairs Adviser, Sade Morgan spoke to newsmen over the weekend.

“At Nigerian Breweries Plc, safety is a key priority for us at this point in time. Since the outbreak, we took proactive measures to ensure that our employees are protected during this difficult period.

“Personal safety and security of our staff are of utmost priority to us. We have in place a work safety programme for those on essential services,” she said.

She noted that this is not the best of times for most companies amid the level of disruptions caused by the Corona virus in different communities around the globe.

Listing some of the measures the company has taken to mitigate the spread of the virus on its facilities, she said the company set up sanitizer stations as well as temperature checks at entrance gates including sanitization/fumigation offices. This is supported with regular updates to employees through the firm’s internal communications channels, noting that the Brewery Medical hotlines are open to all employees.

Speaking further, she said that the coronavirus pandemic has shown the adjustability that is possible in the workplace, thanks in part to technology.

“I can tell you for a certainty that digital has a lot of possibilities. We really haven’t suffered any kind of disruptions as far as holding interface and discussion sessions because all that had been made possible using digital technology.

“The company adopted a Working from Home (WFH) programme initiated for Head office/non-essential staff at the Breweries through virtual meetings via Microsoft Team just as dedicated email address was created for employee feedback. We hold daily meetings with the full compliments of staff, and it has been really engaging.”

Explaining further the different steps the company has taken to protect its staff, she said that the company created isolation centres in all of its breweries, noting that visitors are no longer allowed at its facilities. In addition, it has set-up a safe distance sitting at its canteens for essential staff who are on duty and use food packs in some locations.

Morgan said that the company which directly employ over 3,000 personnel has no plans for lay-offs.

“As part of our economic continuity and sustainability programme, I can assure you that we don’t plan to cut jobs. There is job security for our staff,” she said.

She added that Nigerian Breweries which has been categorized by the government as a company that offers essential services would remain in good standing if production lines are not disrupted.

“In our engagement with government and other stakeholders, we have said that Nigerian Breweries is willing to contribute its quota towards addressing the current crisis and the only way we can continue to do that is if production lines and distribution channels are not disrupted and cut off,” she said.

“For us, we’re prioritising production of drinks, especially energy and fruit drinks like malts and we are going to be supporting the various isolation centres and destinations. We’re prepared to do much more as a socially responsible organization,” she said.

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