European Commission shows off how to use European dairy products in African cuisines


The European Commission, in partnership with French Dairy Interbranch Organization (CNIEL), recently hosted professionals, talented African cooks and media to tastings and workshops on the use of European dairy products in the African cuisine.

Internationally acclaimed Chef Christian Abegan and Pierre Gay, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Fromager (Best Cheesemonger in France) facilitated the programme, themed, “Afrogourmands” in Lagos.

According to CNIEL, the 3-year program will promote the know-how, diversity and excellent quality of the European dairy products – milk, butter, cream and cheese – used in the African cuisine.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Operations Officer, CNIEL, Laurent Damiens said the event was organized to highlight the Afrogourmand’s programme, European milk and dairy products that are exported to meet the ever-increasing demands in the Nigerian market.

“In 2018, over 248 tons of French cheeses and 178 tons of milk and dairy beverages were exported to Nigeria. The purpose of the campaign is not to displace the use of local produce, rather it is to show the culinary possibilities that can be achieved with a fusion of local and international produce”.

Cordon bleu, trained African Chef and promoter of African cuisine to the world, Christian Abégan, who hosted a tasting workshop at the event, recreated the local Nigerian food favourite- Ofada rice, using some European dairy products.

Abegan said that incorporating European dairy products in local cuisine will improve and upgrade the African food culture. “It will also increase the demand and interest in African cuisine”.

He was the first African chef to obtain the “trophy of excellence of Afro-Caribbean cuisines” and in 2010 “the grand diploma of honour” of the Institute of French gastronomy.

Through “AfroGourmands,” the European Commission and CNIEL call on professionals and the general public to come and discover the various dairy products. On the social media platforms, pages dedicated to this program will enable the sharing of preparation methods, tips and tableware.

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L – R: Pierre Gay, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Fromager (Best Cheesemonger in France); Laurent Damiens, Chief Operations Officer, Strategy and International, CNIEL; and Chef Christian Abégan, at the AfroGourmands event held in Lagos and organized by CNIEL and the European Commission.


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