Nigerian Breweries honours journalism, reiterates commitment to women

Nigerian Breweries logo

Nigerian Breweries Plc has shown appreciation to its esteemed press team as by organizing a media meeting in Lagos recently.

Speaking during the meeting, Sade Morgan, the company’s head of corporate communications, said understanding the value of friendship is what Nigerian Brewery has always craved for.

“Understanding the value of friendship is what Nigerian Brewery has always craved for. Without you the press men, our works wouldn’t have been easy. But, you, indeed, have been making our work easier.”

She added: “As part of giving back to the society, Nigerian Breweries remains steadfast in giving back to the society. It has also partnered the Beer Sectoral Group (BSG), amplifying its advocacy of responsible drinking.”

Sade also said that the company has been celebrating and inspiring Nigeria Breweries women to new height by associating with international organisations and advising every organisation in gender balance by creating more employment for women.

Its talent management strategies are to build, buy and borrow it. Employees are constantly upgrading, enrolling for an online training. It has also invested in new talents, empowering employees’ development and working with the global talent scheme. To alleviate standard of living through Heineken Africa foundation Nigerian Breweries has been able to support 10 different Universities, and has also spent over N60 million on health.

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