5Alive unveils new packaging for Citrus Burst and Berry Blast variants

5Alive juice

5Alive, one of the leading fruit juice brands from the portfolio of Coca-Cola has unveiled new packaging for its Citrus Burst and Berry Blast variants. The announcement was recently made on one of the brand’s social media handles.

The two variants have been repackaged to project a vibrant new look. They now come in handy recyclable PET bottles instead of the familiar tetra pak.

“Feeling our new look? Citrus Burst and Berry Blast are now in new handy bottles but not to worry, it’s still the same great taste inside,” the statement revealed.

Speaking on the unveiling, Gbolahan Sanni, Franchise Marketing Manager, CHI Limited, said “5ALive remains a nature-inspired and nutritious fruit drink. Our new handy bottle, made in Nigeria for Nigerians, is created for consumers to enjoy the refreshing goodness of 5Alive with convenience.”

He noted that the handy plastic bottles are recyclable, including the caps and labels.

“We believe every package has value and life beyond its initial use and should be collected and recycled into either a new package or another beneficial use.

5Alive is a range of fruit juice drinks made with nature. The brand consists of both mono juice produced from a single fruit type and blends produced from a blend of five delicious tasting fruits. Both the mono and blends are further fortified with additional vitamins and minerals.

5Alive, which is available in six countries launched in Nigeria in 2003. The brand is available in mono juice – Apple and Orange and blends – Citrus Burst and Berry Blast.

5Alive Citrus Burst and Berry Blast fruit juice

Updated: 11 October 2019

3 Responses to 5Alive unveils new packaging for Citrus Burst and Berry Blast variants

  1. Ola says:

    Really Five Alive!?
    Did y’all even think this thru?

    You should be looking for eco-friendly & environmentaly sustainable solutions for your packaging to reduce your carbon footprint & pollution, not the OPPOSITE!

    Why would y’all change from Terrapak to PET?


    In my opinion, really feel this is a step in the wrong direction. Your company of all people should know the havoc these PET bottles do to wreck & polute our environment. It may make financial sense for you, but at what expense of the environment. I expected better from your company.

    “Made with natute” but not caring for nature!

  2. Ola Seconder says:

    Exactly. You are very correct. Do you know why? It is because it is Nigeria.
    Most useless country on planet earth, Very irresponsible government.

  3. Mr. Akapo says:

    I purchased 5alive citrus burst and both manufacturing and expiring date is not printed on it. And I suspect this could be dangerous to human health

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