Tiger beer launches new sleek 33cl can

Tiger Beer has unveiled its all-new 33cl Sleek Can at an exclusive event in Ikoyi, Lagos.

Since its launch in the Nigerian market, Tiger Beer has consistently pushed the bar in innovation and strategic positioning with its unique brand narrative, and the beer brand is set to continue this impressive streak by launching these new cans.

The new 33cl sleek can will see Tiger Beer solidify its unique stance in the market even as the beer brand seeks to take different strides in music, arts, fashion, travel and food. Tiger has revealed that the cans are part of the brand’s ambitious plan to change the face of typical beer consumers in Nigeria.

These unique cans corroborate Tiger’s prevailing brand theme of “Uncage”, stepping out of the norm and doing the unconventional. Since its emergence in the Nigerian market, Tiger has been unafraid to be daring and adventurous in its messaging as well as its consumer engagement activities.

From its Uncage series events to its decision to sponsor shows and exhibitions such as Maker Lab, Treasure Hunt, Gold Rush, BAFEST and Yanga Art exhibition, the brand has managed to forge a unique and recognisable identity during its relatively short time in the Nigerian scene.

Speaking on the rationale behind this innovation, Tiger Brand Manager, Chinwe Greg-Egu, said: “Tiger believes everyone is a bundle of creativity, we believe in challenging ourselves to do the unconventional, to attempt the impossible. Over the last year in the industry, we’ve also recognised that more young people are seeking rather unique ways to unwind and enjoy their beer. We feel it’s time we treat them to something different, something remarkable. These new cans are not just cans, they are a symbol of our ideology as a brand. A brand that is unafraid to be different.”

Tiger Beer was first brewed in 1932 in Singapore. According to the brand handlers, the world-acclaimed lager, Tiger beer is made with only the finest ingredients through a precise brewing process and uses only the finest quality ingredients. The result is the intensely refreshing, full-bodied taste of one of the world’s leading contemporary beer brands that have won over 40 international awards and accolades including Gold at the prestigious world beer cup, a gold medal at the Commonwealth Bottled Beer Competition, and the BIIA’s World’s Best Lager Beer award among others.

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