Best Global Brands launches new cream liqueur

Nigerbev Limited, makers of Best spirits brands in Nigeria have introduced a new premium cream liqueur in the market – Best Honey Cream Liqueur.

According to the company, “Best alcohol premium beverage aims to satisfy the taste buds of our esteemed customers and consistent with our pledge to provide Best products and exciting choices at all times, we have recently introduced a new variant called Best Honey Cream Liqueur made from soothing and comforting honey flavor which can be served chilled or with ice,” a statement from the company read.

The firm added that the product is now available in trade channels (open markets, supermarkets, neigbourhood stores, bars and restaurants).

They are available in 750ml and 200ml bottles.

Best Global Brands (BGB) is a pan African spirits company with established trading platforms (production facility) in Nigeria, Angola, Kenya and Zambia as well as strong presence in other African markets.

The company produces other spirits brands including whisky, whisky VIP, Marula fruit cream liqueur, dry gin, inferno and vodka brands.

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