Coca-Cola rolls-out Costa Coffee RTD

Coca-Cola has announced the launch of its much awaited Costa Coffee RTD as the soda giant forges ahead with further broadening of its portfolio.

The company best known for its trademark Cola said that the new offerings will come in variants of Classic Latte, Caramel Latte, and Black Americano.

The coffee range which will first hit the shelves in Great Britain later this month, followed by Poland and China (countries chosen because of Costa’s presence in those markets) is said to have less calories, with 30% less sugar than other RTDs in the UK.

Coca-Cola has had three major launches since early this year – from Coca-Cola Energy drink to Signature Mixers and Aquarius, further signifying a broadening of its portfolio.

The company announced the $5.1bn acquisition of Costa Coffee in August with the deal finalized in January this year. Costa was founded in London in 1971 and has grown with footprints in 30 countries in Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Africa.

The acquisition of Costa Coffee by Coca-Cola will help it become a major player in the global coffee category which is growing at around 6% a year and is valued at around $0.5 trillion.

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