Peak Milk champions breakfast culture, activities around the country

Peak Milk, Nigeria’s leading dairy brand has begun a crusade on the importance of a healthy breakfast – and why it is one activity that enables your day to start and end well. The campaign is meant to create awareness of the importance of this morning ritual through a series of experiential and media-led activities to reinforce the breakfast custom.

As part of the awareness campaign leading-up to the 2019 World Milk Day on 1st June, the flagship product from dairy giant FrieslandCampinaWAMCO visited key cities in Lagos, Edo, Enugu, Anambra, Abuja, and Oyo states, where children were surprised and served with sumptuous breakfast banquets during the Children’s Day parades across the country.

Speaking on the campaign, the Marketing Manager for Peak Milk, Maureen Ifada, said: “A lot of working-class Nigerians do not bother about having breakfast and most of those who do often do not find the time. Therefore, in our steadfastness to supporting Nigerians to be unstoppable, our brand is committed to cultivating a breakfast tradition which sets the tone of your day, from start to finish.”

In addition, executives from FrieslandCampina WAMCO and Nutrition Society of Nigeria (NSN) paid a tribute visit to dairy farmers and pastoralists in Iseyin and neighbouring communities in Oyo state, where breakfast was served. The visit was meant to acknowledge their role in producing the raw milk that is used in the production of Peak milk. As pioneers of the Dairy Development Programme (DDP) in Nigeria, the Peak Brand takes pride in being sourced from a gender inclusive initiative which is significantly improving food and nutrition security in the country.

Ifada added that by choosing a balanced breakfast, people can get off to the right start and fill-in the gaps likely to be missing in their diet. “Milk is a perfect breakfast complement, as it remains one of the richest natural sources of vitamins and minerals; enhancing growth and development of mental and physical performance. So, enjoy a Peak breakfast today – your guaranteed enabler to start well and end well,” Ifada concluded.

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