Hollandia Yoghurt touts its other uses

Hollandia Yoghurt, a brand from the stable of CHI Limited, Nigeria’s market leader in fruit juices and yoghurt drinks, said it is seeing an increased use of yoghurt, either consumed directly or as a taste-enhancing mixer.

Explaining further, the brand said that Hollandia Yoghurt Mixology has become a centrepiece for consumers who are increasingly embracing yoghurt and drink-mixing culture as their taste evolve.

It stated that since its launch in 2016, consumers have commended Hollandia Yoghurt Mixology for its novel taste, smooth texture and its versatility to be used as a mixture with variety of beverages.

According to the brand handlers, the mixology Grab ‘n’ Go Pack is already a hit with consumers who love to mix drinks as the smooth texture and great taste of Hollandia Yoghurt goes well with one’s chosen beverage.

The 315ml Hollandia Mixology Grab ‘n’ Go Pack are also great for on the go fun as they are light and handy, with a specially designed prismatic shape and an attractive screw cap that you feel proud to be seen with.

Chijioke Silva, a bar manager in Rivers State, acknowledged the growing demand for Hollandia Yoghurt Mixology at his bar, adding that from the onset of its launch on the shelf, the brand quickly established a strong connection with consumers because of its attractive packaging, great taste, smooth texture and its ability to bring out that satisfying taste when mixed with other beverages of consumer choice.

“We all know that Nigerians love drink mixes, so it is commendable for a brand to see that gap and respond with a truly innovative product. I can tell you that Hollandia Yoghurt Mixology has been a runaway success at my bar in Port Harcourt and that loyalty has been sustained till date,” Silva said.

Similarly, Dele Yusuf, who was introduced to Hollandia Yoghurt Mixology by his friends during a hangout at Ikoyi, said: “Since then, I have fallen in love with it. Now, whenever I hang out at the lounge with my friends, I simply mix my malt drink with a pack of Hollandia Yoghurt Mixology to achieve my desired taste. For me, nothing can be better than this.”

Speaking on the success of the Hollandia Yoghurt Mixology, the Managing Director, CHI Limited, Mr Deepanjan Roy, said the company was inspired by the desire to satisfy consumer expectation by churning out value adding and innovative dairy products like Hollandia Yoghurt Mixology.

“We are excited about the great value and level of satisfaction consumers have expressed in their feedback on this product. We believe that as the positive word on the brand spreads, more consumers would be encouraged to try their favourite beverage mixes with Hollandia Yoghurt Mixology to derive their preferred taste,” he said.

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