Promasidor hints at strong demand for Sun Vita

The head of Marketing at Promasidor Nigeria Limited, Mr Abiodun Ayodeji, has revealed that sales of its newly launched Sun Vita cereal has been strong, making it one of the most sought after brands by consumers.

Ayodeji disclosed this during an interview at the company’s head office in Isolo, Lagos.

Sun Vita cereal was launched into the market in December 2018, with 75% locally sourced material.

The head of marketing noted that the company has started running commercials for the brand in Western states, adding that an ongoing pipeline filling was underway to make the product available to consumers.

“SunVita cereal has been doing very well and consumer feedback is very good in terms of their acceptance and reception of the product,” Ayodeji said.

“You know that when you launch a new product, what you do in the first few months is pipeline filling. That is, you are selling to your distributors, the wholesalers, and the retailers so that the product is available to the consumers on the streets.”

“You need to build a base and that is what we have been doing since we launched SunVita in December 2018. Last week Monday, we started the TV and Radio commercials on the brand in Lagos State and other western states and the plan is that we will go to other states very soon”.

The Marketing Manager said that Promsidor Nigeria is doing its best in providing Nigerians with quality products that have nutritional value.

He added that the company is known for its leadership position in pioneering the Onga powdered seasoning and the smaller sachets of the brand when it came into the market with Cowbell milk in 2014.

“Our goal is to provide affordable quality nutrition to the Nigerian people. When we came into the market, the predominant pack size that was in the market was the large pack sizes; I am talking about the powdered milk category.”

“We came into the market, we are able to understand, what are the pin-points of the Nigerian consumers especially those ones that normally earn wages; they earn their income on daily bases. It is very difficult for them to buy the bigger pack and as you know, milk is a very good source of protein which means that it is not available to most Nigerians.”

“We came into the market, we made the milk available in pack sizes and those are the ones you see in small retail pack sizes which means that even if you earn your salary on a daily bases, you can still be able to give your family milk when you want to consume your beverages, when you want to consume your cereals. We also did the same for the Onga seasoning” he noted.

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  1. Desmond jeh says:

    Where is Sun vita sold in Abuja?

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