Rite Foods to empower women entrepreneurs through capacity building

Rite Foods Limited, the maker of Bigi range of soft drinks and sausage rolls said it has mapped out a programme to empower women entrepreneurs especially those in the food industry through capacity building and networking.

Speaking at the first edition of Food, Drinks and Her-the March Exhibition, an event designed to recognise, support and celebrate women entrepreneurs in the food and drinks industry, the Managing Director of Rite Foods, Mr Seleem Adegunwa, said that it is important to celebrate and empower women entrepreneurs in the society.

Commenting further, he said most times, people still don’t see women as entrepreneurs in the society, which is why the company is empowering them to bring to the forefront their businesses.

“Many societies still have a long journey in the appreciation of women empowerment and the impact on society. It cannot be over emphasised that what women teach has a positive impact and where they do not teach has a negative impact on the society, the country and hence generations,” he added.

“As a food and beverage company, it was natural that our thoughts gravitated towards the idea of recognising, celebrating and ultimately, empowering female, food and drinks entrepreneurs, by providing a platform where they can showcase their entrepreneurial spirit, network among themselves for positive alignments for future successes and most importantly, have fun while doing it.”

He urged Nigerians to learn how to celebrate and empower women because of the impact they make in the society, adding that if Nigerians get this through, there will be a better society because women teaches positives.

Adegunwa revealed that Rite Foods now sources 90% of its raw material locally, while only 10% is imported as part of its efforts to empower Nigerians and create more jobs.

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