Daily Archives: March 19, 2019

Coca-Cola and bottling partners to boost recycling of PET in East, Southern Africa with $38m investment

Coca-Cola has announced new collection and recycling plans for PET plastic in Southern, East and Central Africa for the next three years.

The company, in partnership with its bottling and industry partners in the region, will invest around US$38m to boost recycling industries and educate consumers about recycling.

Coca-Cola partnership with LSETF gives hope to 300 women to start their own businesses


As part of its effort to empower women, Coca Cola System Programme, in collaboration with Lagos State Empowerment Trust Fund (LSETF), recently gave hope to about 300 women drawn from different communities in the state to start up their own small businesses. The programme is part of the state’s women empowerment initiative, which is in line with Coca-Cola’s 5by20 Programme, the company’s global commitment to enable the economic empowerment of five million women entrepreneurs across its value chain by 2020.

East African Breweries launch Tusker Ale beer to capture Kenya’s premium beer market

East African Breweries Limited (EABL) has launched a new premium beer called Tusker Premium Ale as it seeks to capture the premium beer market in Kenya.

An Ale beer can be described as having a fruity taste compared to lager which has a crisp-clean taste.

The new Ale was launched under the company’s flagship brand Tusker, joining other Tusker brands in EABL’s stable – Tusker Lager, Tusker Malt, Tusker Lite and Tusker Cider.