Chellarams DMK unveils Real Active Chocolate Malted Drink

Chellarams DMK Limited, the dairy arm of Chellarams Plc, has extended its Real Activ product line with the launch of Real Activ Chocolate Malted food drink.

According to the company, the drink which contains twelve essential nutrients with immense nutritional benefit is targeted at children who need to be active in school and at play and adults who require constant energy for work even as it contains the appropriate amount of sugar needed.

The new product was introduced to the public, including trade partners and the media at the company’s premises in Lagos recently.

Speaking to the media after the launch, the Chief Executive Officer, Chellarams DMK, Aditya Chellaram, said the product had a unique taste that made it stand out in the market.

“We want everybody to have a convicted belief that it tastes real good,” he said.

Also speaking at the event, the company’s Commercial Director, Raj Totlani, said the benefits of the new drink are numerous, adding that the company already had in place a roadmap to make it available across the country.

“Real Activ Malted Chocolate drink is packaged specifically in Holland for the Nigerian market; it is packaged in Nigeria; of course our long term plan is to produce it in Nigeria.

“The core target of Real Activ Malted Chocolate drink are children, it contains 12 nutrients that give energy that they require to be active in school and at play. Its taste is smooth just as it digests and dissolves easily, and it is a quick source of energy.

“Besides, it has the appropriate sugar content which makes it the ideal drink for both children and adults,” he explained.

The launch had in attendance the Chairman of Chellarams Plc, Otunba Solomon Onafowokan; Managing Director of the Chellarams Plc, Suresh Chellarams and Chief Executive Officer, Aditya Chellarams among others.

Other notable events that took place at the product launch included wet tasting during which the new product was tasted by attendees, including guests, staff and the company management.

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