CWAY enters the energy drinks market with launch of MACA Energy drink

CWAY Foods and Beverages Nigeria Limited, the company best known for its fruit-based milk drinks said it has entered the energy drinks market with the launch of MACA energy drink.

According to the company, MACA energy drink is caffeine-free with, MACA extracts.

The company added that its primary target market are busy professionals, athletes, students of higher institutions, travelers, fun lovers, and more, as it helps to boost physical and mental activities.

As part of its launch, the company is currently giving away packs of MACA energy drinks. To win a pack of MACA Energy Drink, simply follows the brand on:

• Facebook:
• Twitter:
• Instagram:

“Tell us one of the benefits of MACA, in the comment section of the related post, and tag a friend. Winners will be announced every Friday from February 8th till March 1st. Oh, and a beautiful gift also comes with the free pack,” the company said.

6 Responses to CWAY enters the energy drinks market with launch of MACA Energy drink

  1. Ashaolu Adebola Christianah says:

    it helps maintain good energy levels

  2. Balarabe Ibrahim Yusuf says:

    CWAY MACA re-awakens my mental alertness while the natural CWAY taste gives me pleasure

  3. alaofin olumuyiwa says:

    it helps to be hydrated especially during this hot weather,particularly when it is chilled when served

  4. Anonymous says:

    I took it for the first time this afternoon and its been making me feel dizzy and turning my stomach.

  5. Henry says:

    Crappy drink,the company should think about discontinuation and should stop forcing it on their distributors

  6. Tolu' Akinwole says:

    I tried to check the two contents of Maca Energy Drink I.e Maca Root and Taurine on Google. I discovered that CWAY has a healthy plan for each customer drinking the product. The Maca Root added is a valuable herb, it is a plus for the drink. It boosts physical and mental activities and mental alertness. Thank you CWAY, pls keep it up 4 1/2 stars

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