CHI Capri-Sun launched in new 100ml pouch

CHI Limited, Nigeria’s leading fruit drink company has introduced Capri-Sun, a favourite fruit drink of children in Nigeria, in a new 100ml pouch size in order to meet an increasing consumer demand for more exciting and unique options.

According to the company, the new pouch size prized at N50 retail is an addition to excite consumers with the goodness of Capri-Sun, but more importantly, to give them the power of choice. The brand was until now only available in 200ml pouch size.

Speaking on the new pouch size, the firm said it is still with the same delightful signature taste and playful pouch. The Capri-Sun 100ml pouch is handy, pocket-friendly and keeps to the brand’s promise of ensuring a taste of fun in every pouch. Consumers will enjoy the variety of options, ease and convenience in the 100ml pouch, as well as its healthy, naturally tasty and satisfying experience that promotes an atmosphere of fun and adventure.

The introduction of the new 100ml pouch size is in keeping with current trends, and is based on a richer understanding of consumer desires to enjoy handy, affordable, convenient and unique Capri-Sun experience in exciting options.

CHI said it is currently, only available in Orange and Apple variants, adding that the launch presents a key advantage to drive value and excitement into the category by offering an appealing product option in line with consumer expectations.

According to Deepanjan Roy, Managing Director of Chi Limited, the Capri-Sun 100ml pouch size is uniquely designed in response to consumer demands.

“Capri-Sun’s playful pouch and signature taste which lead to unique experiences of fun, adventure and carefree pleasure, have made it the preferred fruit drink for children in Nigeria. The 100ml pouch size will delight consumers who have craved for handy and pocket-friendly product choices,” he stated.

One Response to CHI Capri-Sun launched in new 100ml pouch

  1. Julie Oisemaye says:

    I was highly disappointed today when I opened a 40Packs x 200ml carton of Capri-Sun Juice purchased today from a distributor at Ojodu Berger, Lagos. To my surprise some of the juice had sour taste and smells badly like spoilt orange which is dangerous to human health.
    ORANGE NAFDAC No:01-3382 22:56
    MFD:22/11/20 BB:21/08/21 BN:Y 221120C 002978.

    I will return it tomorrow and if they refuse to refund my money, I will press charges against CHI Maker of Capri-Sun Juice

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