Viju unveils more flavours to its line-up of fruit-flavoured milk drinks

Leading dairy company, Viju Industries Nigeria Limited has added two new flavours to its roster of fruit-flavoured milk drinks – Viju Malt & Milk drink and Viju Baked Yoghurt drink.

According to the firm, the products which were launched just before the holiday season, was part of its commitment towards providing high-quality products to the Nigerian market.

Speaking at the launch in Lagos, the Assistant Chairman, Viju Industries, Tom Hu, said that the new products are as a result of the company’s redoubled efforts to return to the Nigerian market with richer products of better quality and service.

Viju is one of the pioneers of the fruit-flavoured milk drinks concept in the Nigerian market and has experienced strong growth in the segment.

Hu said the unveiling is coming nearly after a year of preparation, adding that the quality and taste of the products are excellent with good nutritional value, just as the company hopes to strengthen and expand its business ties with consumers.

Hu added that Viju milk has made the necessary innovation on the basis of the original formula with the modern technologies, which has brought the nutritious and delicious beverage to West Africa.

Also speaking on the company’s plans to expand its market reach, the Quality Control and Regulatory Manager, Okafor Ifeoma Tracy, said: “Just like our other products, this one is special because they have all the nutrients. Due to the demand we have been getting from our loyal customers, we decided to go a top notch to produce a fusion of malt and milk, which is full of vitality and all the rich goodness of malt, and milk in it.”

Further explaining the health benefits of the products, she said that the Viju Malt & Milk contains Vitamin A which is essential for healthy eyes and calcium for strong teeth, bones and good skeletal structure. It also contains protein which is an essential nutrient that helps the body to build and repair worn out tissues cells and muscles.

“The product will end the era of mixing malt and milk, apart from the fact that it has the malt extract, it has two vital nutrients like Vitamin A and B”.

On the Viju Baked Yoghurt, Ifeoma pointed out that the product has its uniqueness, being the first of its kind in the Nigerian market.

“Viju Baked yoghurt is different from the regular yoghurt you see in the market; it is wonder yoghurt because of the process of production. It contains potassium, protein, calcium,” she said.

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