Alcohol ban is not against Nigeria’s constitution – Kano State Hisbah DG

The Kano State Government has said that the ban of alcohol sales in the state does not contradict Nigeria’s constitution.

Dr. Abba Sufi, Director-General, Kano State Hisbah Board, an agency of the state government made the comments while responding to questions surrounding the recent seizure and destruction of over 30 trailer loads of beer in Kano State during the Christmas period.

He said that there is a State law which was passed by the Kano State House of Assembly in 2004 prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcohol in the state, adding that although there is no place in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria banning the sale and consumption of alcohol, there is a state law which prohibits its consumption and sale. He noted that this law must be respected by all residents in the state, irrespective of religion or ethnic background.

He further said that states do have right to enact laws governing their conduct. Islam forbids the sale and consumption of intoxicants of any type, which Kano State is adhering to.

“The religion of Islam prohibits consumption of alcohol and Kano State is a Sharia State. Kano State is Sharia-compliant,” Sufi said.

Commenting further, the DG said that the state law prohibiting the sale and consumption of alcohol is not hypocrisy despite Kano State benefiting from Value Added Tax (VAT) proceeds collected from alcohol sales in other states with no restrictions on sales and consumption of alcohol.

The Hisbah Board head said that the ban on alcohol extends to its movement or haulage anywhere in the state, including its sales and consumption in barracks, etc.

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