Hero Lager marks 17th Annual Ofala Festival with Obi of Onitsha

Hero lager, a premium beer brand from the stables of International Breweries Plc, the Nigerian subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev, celebrated the 17th edition of the annual Ofala Festival in Onitsha with the Obi of Onitsha, His Majesty, Igwe Alfred Achebe and his subjects at the Ime Obi (his palace). The beer brand is a major sponsor of the event.

The event which attracts dignitaries from far and wide serves as rites of renewal of the Obi (King) and has over the years grown to include neighbouring towns in Nnewi and Ukpo in Anambra State.

With the recent conferment of a ‘red cap’ crown cork title by the Obi on the lager brand as “Mmanya ejiri mara Igbo” (The beer with which Igbos are known), the premium beer brand is seen in the same light as a red cap chief throughout the entire South Eastern States of Nigeria. The knighting is a proof of how much Hero Lager has repositioned its front and heightened its authority within the region it has been most successful.

The 17th edition of the Ofala festival wrapped-up on Monday, 8th October, with a Royal Banquet in honour of Igwe Alfred Achebe who has been on the throne since 2000, at the Dolly Hills Hotel, Onitsha.

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Center: Managing Director, International Breweries Plc, Annabelle Degroot at the 17th Edition of the Ofala Festival in Onitsha, Anambra State on Saturday, 6th October 2018

L-R: Managing Director, International Breweries Plc, Anabelle Degroot and Marketing Director, Arne Rust, also of IB Plc at the celebration marking the 2018 edition of Ofala Festival in Onitsha, Anambra State on Saturday, 6th October, 2018


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