CHI adds Frooty Happy Hour to its assortment of drinks

Chi Limited, makers of Happy Hour by Chivita fruit drinks, has launched yet another variant called Frooty Happy Hour by Chivita. The new fruit drink which is available in 100ml pouches is being marketed as a healthy, refreshing fruit flavoured drink with exciting variants that offer an instant shot of refreshment for consumers.

With a retail price of N25, Frooty Happy Hour by Chivita is seen as the most affordable quality product in the market. It is a healthy beverage alternative to carbonated drinks as it offers more in natural benefits as well as provides high quality refreshment for the mind and body.

Along with its handy pack size which resonates with an upwardly mobile youthful consumer segment desirous of rejuvenating satisfaction anytime and anywhere, Frooty Happy Hour by Chivita further seeks to increase its appeal and create a connection with consumers with three intriguing variants of Orange, Pineapple and Red Berries.

The brand’s tagline of “a shot of refreshment” highlights a consistent and memorable brand message that communicates its promise of unrivalled refreshment. At its core is a promise to deliver a shot of affordable fruity refreshing goodness with each consumer experience.

Speaking about the new product, Managing Director of Chi Limited, Deepanjan Roy, said that Frooty Happy Hour by Chivita was introduced to invigorate and tap into a market demand for more affordable options of great tasting, refreshing and healthy drinks.

“Frooty Happy Hour by Chivita is an invitation to consumers to experience a refreshing drink but more importantly, to do so at a price point of N25, which is more affordable to meet a growing demand and offer consumers added value for healthy refreshment for every hour,” he noted.

Frooty Happy Hour by Chivita 100ml pouches are currently available in roadside kiosks, Chi Shoppe, departmental stores and Neighbourhood shops across Nigeria.

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    This is a great achievement for the company, Adding another product-line will help increase the company’s size and boost consumers interest.

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