NBC highlights business activities as it holds mid-year media brief

The Nigerian Bottling Company (NBC) has said it will continue to improve on the quality and standard of its products to meet the needs of Nigerians.

The sole bottler of Coca-Cola products in Nigeria gave the assurance while holding a mid-year media briefing in Lagos to draw attention to its major activities since it came into the country.

The NBC Legal, Public Affairs and Communications Director, Sade Morgan, said that the company believes in customer satisfaction, and will continue to invest in the wellbeing of the consumer and improve on the quality of its products to meet their target.

She noted that the health of its customers is a major priority for the company and has taken initiatives to produce hygienic beverages for healthy consumption as well as working to reduce waste by using an average of 50% recycled content in its bottled drinks packaging by 2030. Morgan added that the company will continue to invest in glass bottles as content container for its brands as it is more environmentally friendly, and helps the consumer to have a healthier drink. She noted that the company was also working on developing plant-based resins, and reducing the plastics used in packaging.

Responding to the emergence of new firms in the carbonated soft drinks industry (CSDs), the Communications Director said that NBC is not bothered by the competition but rather appreciates them as “competition makes everyone in the industry to be more creative, maintain high standards and afford the consumer with a wide range of choice.”

She noted that NBC has a lot of activities planned, with various products positioned to meet the varying needs of consumers.

“We have been watching what is happening and I can assure you that we have a lot of activities lined up. We have many products positioned in various ways to ensure that all our consumers have something. Every category of our consumers are really well served,” she said.

“We have observed that some people do not like sugared drinks for health reasons or because of their waist line. For such category of people, we have the option of zero coke which, instead of sugar, has aspartame and as such no calorie. We are not scared of rivalry because we are up to it. We make sure not to abandon our consumers.”

Morgan said that the company has been able to weather the challenge of the insurgency in the North of the country unscathed. She added that the company’s nine manufacturing facilities spread across the country’s geopolitical zones has enabled it reach every corner of the country.

The media event had in attendance officials of Coca-Cola International, officials of the Nigerian Bottling Company, members of the media and other stakeholders.

Morgan reassured that with the company’s wide presence in all geopolitical zones, NBC will continue to invest to ensure sustainable economic growth by boosting education and youth employment, thus reducing unemployment rate, which is key to the realization of national economic growth and development.

“Youth unemployment rate in the country is high, which is why we are working and coming up with different initiatives aimed at empowering our teeming unemployed youths, as part of our efforts to contribute our own quota to addressing the situation in Nigeria,” she said.

The Nigerian Bottling Company was incorporated in Nigeria in 1951 as a subsidiary of AG Leventis Group to bottle and market Coca-Cola products in the country. The company was acquired by the Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company in 2011.

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