‘There is no fake Pepsi in circulation’ – Seven-Up Bottling Co.

Seven-Up Bottling Company, the bottlers of Pepsi-Cola in Nigeria has denied there is a fake Pepsi in the market.

The manufacturer which also bottles Mirinda and Mountain Dew soft drinks among others explained that the Pepsi-Cola in white caps which is what has been the source of concern to consumers is genuine and the same with the Pepsi packaged in blue caps.

Speaking further, the firm revealed that economic hardship in the country compelled it to switch to white caps when the cap suppliers could not get imported materials to make blue caps. The white caps are used as a temporary measure until the manufacturer can supply the blue caps.

Confirming the message, a spokesperson for the firm, Mr. Mike Nzeagwa, invalidated the stories of fake Pepsi. “There is no fake Pepsi in circulation. The drink in bottles with white cap and blue is the same and of very high quality.

“The sugar content and taste are both the same. It is only Pepsi Light that has less sugar and of course the HO factory water which does not contain any sugar. Seven Up Bottling Company is noted for high quality and customer satisfaction is our priority,” he said.

There has been stories of fake Pepsi with white cap in circulation since last year.

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