Three Crowns Evap Creamer, a value and quality proposition to struggling families

Three Crowns Evaporated Creamer, a new brand extension from leading dairy firm, FrieslandCampina WAMCO, is said to be a bridge between the high quality offering of the premium category and the affordability that mass-market milk segment offers.

According to the brand, the race to milk consumption in Nigeria has over the years resulted in a significant increase in the number of milk brands in the country. So the category is brimming with dairy products all staking claim to offering wholesome vitamins and minerals needed for healthy living.

The brand notes that 2016 was a particularly difficult year for consumers as the country slipped into economic recession.

The recession resulted in loss of jobs or decrease in personal income, rising inflation, all of which had severe effect on the purchasing power of consumers. Some down traded from their preferred dairy brands to cheaper option, while others exited the dairy segment altogether. This apparently opened the consumers to health risk, and exposed a huge consumption gap in the segment.

This is where Three Crowns milk stepped in to fill that gap with the launch of Three Crowns Evaporated Creamer. At just N120, low end consumers can now enjoy the delicious and taste of a top milk brand without leaving a hole in their pockets.

Three Crowns Evap Creamer was first launched to Nigerian consumers on March 13, 2018. FrieslandCampina WAMCO, said it is a reflection of how much the company’s loyalty to the Nigerian consumer. Speaking at the product launch in Lagos, Mr. Ben Langat, Managing Director, Frieslandcampina Wamco Nigeria Plc, reiterated the company’s commitment to continue to nourish Nigerians with quality and unrivaled nutrition.

He said Three Crowns had been at the forefront of nourishing and providing quality diary nutrition for mothers and their families. “Three Crowns is the first milk brand to show care for mothers and acknowledge the important role they play in the family. The brand recognises that when mothers, socially believed to be our primary care takers, are themselves taken care of, this directly and positively impacts the care they give to their families.”

His sentiment was reiterated by Omolara Banjoko, Senior Brand Manager, Three Crowns, who said the new product was very smooth and tasty, adding that “once you put a little drop into your cup of tea, you get a perfect white and a perfect taste.”

At the onset of the launch there have been few questions, with people wanting to know if there was any difference between Three Crowns Milk and Three Crowns Creamer. But such inquisition quickly vanished when consumers began to use the Creamer, and notice that it is not just more affordable at N120, but it whitens tea faster.

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