Gulder Lager gets a fresh new label makeover

Gulder Lager beer, a premium brand from the stables of Nigerian Breweries Plc has extended its market penetration with the unveiling of its new look. The unveiling was a culmination of several weeks of social media campaigns which kept consumers guessing for weeks. #LiveYourUltimate #LookForward

Since its first unique launch in 1970 as Nigeria’s first lager brand packaged in a brown bottle (trademark uniqueness that set it apart from all other beer brands in the market), Gulder has blazed the innovative trail, achieving milestones in the process.

The brand organized Nigeria’s first reality TV show, Gulder Ultimate Search, and is the first brand to package its beer in cans. In 2014, the brand went through a major transformation with its bottle as it was changed from a 1970 look to a 2020 bottle. Some of the changes included premium staniol, gold neck seal, comical shaped neck, strong masculine shoulder with Gulder embossment, among others.

The new Gulder Label boasts of bolder black, gold but with a thin yellow neck foil. The bolder infamous “Helmet of General Maximillian” now faces right (same as the main body of the bottle) with white curls and metalized body label in a thin gold bound hexagonal border.

As the nation’s leading brewing company, this feat showcases Nigerian Breweries Plc’s continuous commitment to expanding the frontiers of consumer promotion in the history of Gulder.

Johan Antoine Doyer, Managing Director of Nigerian Breweries Plc said: “It is a historic moment for the Gulder brand. The new label reflects that this celebrated brand is at the forefront of advancement and we can assure you that what you are seeing is the result of several years of hard work and skillset that the brewery industry has not seen in a long while.”

Over the years, Gulder has metamorphosed from the beer that was “Strong flavored” and “Just right for you”, to the beer “That makes you feel real fine.”

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