Nigerian Breweries ‘uncages’ Tiger Lager as competition heats up in the nations’ beer market

Nigerian Breweries Plc (“NB Plc”), on Friday, 27th April 2018 unveiled Tiger Lager into the Nigerian market, heightening competition in the nation’s beer market.

The brand which is an International Premium (“IP”) Asian beer will be paired up with Heineken’s own brand Lager beer as Nigerian Breweries assembles its best performing global premium beers to defend its turf in what appears to be a beer war against AB InBev’s International Breweries Plc, who last weekend launched Budweiser beer into the market.

According to a Press briefing by NB, Tiger has an 86 year history, dating back to 1932 in Singapore.

Today, it is considered one of the world’s fastest growing premium beer brands, growing by 24% (2016) year-on-year, and is currently marketed in over 60 countries, including UK, US, Singapore, China, Vietnam, Australia, and now in Nigeria.

According to NB, Tiger Beer is made with only the finest ingredients through a precise brewing process and uses only the finest quality ingredients. The result is the intensely refreshing, full-bodied taste of one of the world’s leading contemporary beer brands that has won over 40 international awards and accolades including Gold at the prestigious world beer cup, gold medal at the Commonwealth Bottled Beer Competition, and the BIIA’s World’s Best Lager Beer award among others.

The unveiling saw celebrities and their die-hard fans challenged to a series of obstacle courses by attempting to conquer their fears and climb the “Tiger Wall”, a 70 ft wall at the Muri Okunola Park in Victoria, Island, Lagos.

The attendees at the launch also experienced ‘The Tiger Den’ – a jungle-like experience simulating an encounter with a ferocious tiger complemented with thrilling music, sound effects and scenery. There the invitees tested their courage and enjoyed a ‘real’ Tiger experience.

The Tiger Wall and Den are symbolic of the many fears, mental and physical boundaries we have to surmount daily in our pursuits. It’s not simply about heights. Tiger Beer is a beer for the bold, the courageous and the daring, encouraging them to ‘uncage’ bravery in pursuit of passion. Tiger Beer is a rallying point for those who are unknown, those with the potential to change the world; an unseen generation with a tiger inside. They are the ones we say are uncaged“, said Franco Maria Maggi, Marketing Director, Nigerian Breweries.

Speaking on his part about the launch and the activities surrounding it, Tokunbo Adodo, Portfolio Manager, International Premium, Nigerian Breweries Plc, said “Tiger Beer identifies with the bold Nigerian, whose passion brings him a sense of purpose. It is for the man of courage, and will be anchored around creativity, and inspiring real stories of people living their potential, and making their mark,

According to the company, Tiger beer is internationally renowned for taste and quality and with its launch in Nigeria, beer lovers are definitely in for a great time. Tiger Beer is already available for sale at retail stores nationwide.

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