Coca-Cola Nigeria launches “Win a Trip to Russia” Promo

Coca-Cola has unveiled a ‘Drink a Coke and Score a Trip to Russia’ Promo. The soft drinks giant said it will be taking 22 individuals from Nigeria to go watch the games at the FIFA World Cup Tournament in Russia later this year in the Coca-Cola “Win a Trip to Russia” Promo that is currently going on.

All the consumer needs to do is buy a bottle of Coke and look at the code under the crown. Then text the code to 5453 and follow the SMS responses that they will get. It’s that simple!

According to the company, draws will be held weekly and the more bottles of Coke you get the more chances you have to obtain under the crown codes. Six weekly draws will be conducted for trips to Russia from 23rd March, 2018.

2 Responses to Coca-Cola Nigeria launches “Win a Trip to Russia” Promo

  1. Abaku I Abaku says:

    My name is Abaku I Abaku from Nassarawa state. I have released a powerful and one of a kind SPOKEN WORD/MUSIC featuring ESTHER for the up coming world cup in Russia titled I CAN SEE THE SIGNS OF VICTORY,and I would love your to have your sponsorship if you hear it and you are interested in it.

  2. Jesuspet says:

    I feel the worldcup winner is in group (d) meaning the cup was for Nigeria, but there was so much sin in the land of Nigeria, so we lost it to (Croatia)

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