Coca-Cola to roll out new “Spiral” Fanta PET bottle design

The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) is set to roll out a new “spiral” Fanta PET bottle.

The new PET bottle which was designed by packaging firm Sidel is already available in some European markets but will be rolled out to other markets in the coming months, according to the packaging firm.

Coca-Cola and Sidel said they had to overcome some challenges while creating the bottle’s spiral design. The asymmetrical shape is described as a “rule breaker” as bottles can have stability and deformation issues.

The soft drinks giant said that the new design has helped it revitalize the 70-year old Fanta brand. The company’s Packaging Engineer in charge of Global Project Coordination, Gregory Bentley, said that the brand has evolved over the years, with a number of bottle re-designs. However, the popularity of the Fanta splash bottle shape had become common in the sparkling beverage industry, thereby diluting the brand’s ownership of the bottle shape and it became necessary for Coca-Cola to develop a new proprietary design.

The new design will be available in PET and as well as glass bottles.

Coca-Cola said that the new design has been tested and the physical strength is as good as the one it is replacing. According to the company, it offers easier gripping and an improved pouring experience.

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