Heineken to support 2017 Lagos Fashion Design Week

Heineken has said that it is supporting the 2017 edition of the Lagos Fashion and Design Week. The event showcases Africa’s rich fashion and designs by bringing together the best designers across the continent.

Founded by Style House Files, the LFDW leads the way with initiatives that support, strengthen and develop the fashion industry. Connecting with over 20 million Pan-African insiders, it features runway shows, fashion business series, fashion focus talks, and the #HLFDW after party. This year’s events will feature an exciting four-day line up with the theme, “Africa: Shaping Fashion’s Future”

In a statement on Wednesday, the Marketing Director, Nigerian Breweries, Franco Maria Maggi, was quoted as saying during a cocktail to officially start this year’s event, that sponsorship of the Lagos Fashion and Design Week was Heineken’s way of inspiring its Nigerian and African consumers to break through every border and open their world to perform their craft and skill to the world.

“We are excited to be a part of this unique experience once again as Lagos shows the beauty of African fashion to the world and how Africa will shape fashion’s future. We are even more excited to showcase the first ever Heineken Africa Inspired Fashion Collection at this year’s Lagos Fashion and Design Week, a demonstration of our appreciation of African designs and designers, made possible through a collaborative work between the Heineken East Africa team, global Heineken design team as well as the Nigerian team.

“The same way Heineken has broken borders from its birth place in Amsterdam, Netherlands to 192 countries around the world, is how we see the African fashion industry and its players breaking boundaries to make huge impact around the world. The Lagos Fashion and Design Week is indeed a highly significant platform for Heineken to support African fashion designers to perform their craftsmanship and make their mark in the fashion industry.”

East African designers set to feature at the Heineken LFDW 2017 were selected through a highly competitive ‘Africa Inspired Fashion Challenge’ which motivated the best and most innovative East African emerging designers to create a truly Heineken inspired African fashion collection.

Both talented winning designers, Lulu Mutuli and AzraWalji, supported by the Global Heineken Design Team and LEW design house, have created the Heineken Africa Inspired Fashion collection, a unique brand fashion collection, truly Africa inspired,to be showcased at the Heineken LFDW 2017.’

The programme will hold between October 25 and 28 at Eko Atlantic, Lagos.

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