Excitement as Nigerians look forward to the first beer festival

Beer lovers are set to experience a weekend of diverse, all-inclusive beer adventure plus a weekend to indulge in a lifestyle where their biggest decision will be how they pick which activity to attend. This is as Nigeria’s first ever Beer festival is billed to hold in Lagos.

The Lagos Beer Festival holds April 22-23, 2017 at the National Stadium Surulere-Lagos and promises to be the largest annual gathering of beer enthusiasts, connoisseurs, celebrities, bar crawlers and those just wanting to learn more about beer.

Announcing the festival at a world press conference in Lagos, Mr. Steve Ike the event director stated that “the Lagos Beer festival is designed to celebrate Nigeria’s shared beer culture and a love of celebrating life. It is a chance for brewers to connect with fans old and new, and also an ideal opportunity to put a face to the creator of their fans’ favourite beer”

The festival will hold side-by-side with the well-attended annual Lagos International Food and Drinks Festival. It aims at encouraging exciting but responsible beer consumption and while entry to the event is free, it is strictly for visitors 18 years and above.

Ike said “at the festival, Beer fans can expect to experience the largest display ever of beer assortments (over 60 brands) in Nigeria. The lineup of Beer and Ale showcased at the festival will include lager, stout, ale, cider, porter, cooler, pilsner and breezer. And apart from beers, there will also be a massive array of wines and champagne, distilled spirits, vodka, tequila, rum, whiskey, gin, brandy, absinthe, ouzo and liqueur brands”

The weekend promises non-stop entertainment including a variety of brewers, food stalls, live music, games, comedy and sweepstakes and is set to become a highlight on the Lagos social calendar. While still getting a taste of the best of Nigeria’s contemporary brews, visitors would also join in the crowning the “king of Nigerian beers”.

Ike stated that visitors will go on guided beer tours with experts to ensure that they get the most out of their festival experiences. The Festival’s beer guides will take visitors around while they meet the brewers and sample a variety of beers, beer cocktails demonstrations and participate in blind tastings. And as if that’s not enough, there will also be a beer judging competition, beer merchandise for sale, lucky draws, and raffles.

At the festival, soccer fans will not miss out on any action and can watch live premier league actions on Saturday and Sunday on big screens at the Festival! Festival drinkers are encouraged to book tables of at least four people, and bring friends, family and work colleagues to enjoy barbeque and live music washed down with beer served by dedicated, pretty ushers

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  1. Kayode Obembe says:

    Nigeria is long overdue a beer festival. Kudos to the organizers. Will definitely be there!

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