Angostura appoints Genevieve Jodhan new CEO

Trinidad & Tobago-based Angostura Holdings, known for its world acclaimed bitters and rums has confirmed the elevation of its acting CEO Genevieve Jodhan to a permanent CEO role.

Ms. Jodhan assumed the role of acting CEO since September after the company placed its CEO Robert Wong on administrative leave following a local press report that allegedly claimed the company’s rum production was being “audited”.

The Trinidad Express, a local newspaper reported on 3 December that Angostura has been importing bulk rum concentrates from Latin America and the Caribbean, processing and distilling it, but without adding substantial local value such as aging of the rums before repackaging it for export.

The firm refuted the claim, stating that “The integrity of Angostura’s international branded rums is not under audit.

All out international branded rum products are aged and meet international standards,” it said.

Wong resigned from the company in December.

Jodhan, who was formerly the firm’s Executive Manager of export and Business Development assumed the permanent CEO role this week.

Reacting to the news, she said: “I am both humbled and honoured to be appointed chief executive officer. I have been with the company for close to a decade and my commitment has always been to Angostura’s people, products and values.

I am keen to build on the long outstanding achievement of our manufacturing business, through the execution of forward looking business strategies that add to the customer experience, and build on our shareholders’ value.”

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