New survey ranks Peak Milk best in quality rating

A new survey (QUDAL-QUALITY MEDAL SURVEY), conducted in Nigeria by Swiss-based ICERTIAS, a market research company, ranked Peak milk, a premium milk brand from FrieslandCampina WAMCO as the best milk in Nigeria in quality rating.

A statement by the Senior Certification Executive of ICERTIAS, Mihaela Siamar, stated “the first ICERTIAS QUDAL-Quality Medal survey in Nigeria shows that most Nigerian consumers consider Peak as a premium milk brand that offers them the highest level of quality”.

The research which was carried out between October and November 2016 by ICERTIAS – International Certification Association surveyed 1,200 Nigerian internet-users, over the age of 15, utilizing Computer Assisted Web Interviewing – Deep Mind Awareness (CAWI-DEEPMA method).

The survey measured the experience and level of satisfaction expressed by surveyed participants with the quality of marketed products and services.

The respondents were asked open-ended questions, where they had the free choice of products and service providers when answering their preferences. In the milk category, they were asked to “specify the name of the milk that, in your personal experience and opinion, offers absolutely the highest level of quality in Nigeria”.

According to the results, majority of those surveyed answered Peak milk. This, it explained was a further affirmation that Peak has established a distinctive customer experience resulting in the majority of consumers choosing the brand over other brands.

The organisers note that QUDAL research does not measure market share or the power of a brand, but exclusively and only experience, satisfaction with quality of the service, and the offer on the market as perceived by examinees.

Responding to the result of the survey, Marketing Manager, Peak Milk, Mrs. Dolapo Otegbayi, stated that the results does not come to her as a surprise as Peak milk is a brand built on the culture of top quality and excellent nourishment.

The survey organisers did not say the ranking of other milk brands.

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