NBC awards trucks to distributor partners in Abeokuta

Nigerian Bottling Company Limited (“NBC”), bottlers of Coca-Cola products in Nigeria has given out nine distribution trucks to its distributing partners in Abeokuta, Ogun State. The distributing partners received the trucks during a presentation ceremony organized by NBC directors in December 2016 at the company’s depot in Abeokuta.

The company said the initiative was part of its plan to grow, develop and satisfy the market in a more efficient and sustainable way.

Speaking at the event, Commercial Excellence Director, Nigerian Bottling Company Limited, Kenneth Kamulegeya, said:

“Empowerment of our distributors is necessary to support mutual growth and market development, while adding value and creating employment opportunities”.

Commercial Excellence Director for Nigerian Bottling Company Limited (NBC) Kenneth Kamulegeya, Supply Chain Director, NBC, Danny Collins, Managing Director, Josjane Investments Joseph Koleoso, and Chief Financial Officer, NBC, Seun Oni, at the handing over of trucks to NBC Distribution Partners, in Abeokuta, Ogun State

Also speaking at the handover ceremony of the trucks, Legal Public Affairs and Communications Director, Mrs. Sade Morgan, enjoined the distribution partners to remain industrious and live up to the expectation of developing and growing sustainable businesses, while maximizing the use of the trade assets being awarded.

Overjoyed by the gesture from NBC, one of the recipients of the distribution trucks, Joseph Koleoso, Managing Director, Josjane Investments, speaking on behalf of other recipients said that NBC has transformed their lives and repositioned their businesses from being ‘NBC Customers’ to ‘NBC Business Partners’. He noted that the initiative will go a long way in supporting their business operations and ensuring availability of the wide range of Coca-Cola products in their respective market territories.

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  1. Funmilayo Obasanya says:

    I want to be a coca cola distributor. I reside at Obantoko Abeokuta.

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