Nutricima unveils Nunu Smart-Growth Formulation

Nutricima, the Food and Nutrition unit of PZ Cussons Nigeria Plc has launched Nunu Special Smart-Growth Formulation that promises to deliver 30% Recommended dietary Allowance (RDA) nutrition needed for a child’s healthy living and growth.

The company said that the new pack design for Nunu, which was also unveiled at the launch of the Smart-growth Campaign, compliments the richness and quality nutrients Nunu has been known for over the years.

Kalyan Bandyopadhyay, marketing director, Nutricima, explained that the Smart-Growth formulation delivers 30 percent RDA to help children grow everyday so that they can fulfill their potentials. Nunu milk is rich in proteins and other vitamins which are essential nutrients required for children’s mental growth and development.

Bandyopadhyay stated that as a child’s specialist brand, Nunu Smart-Growth Formulation seeks to address malnutrition and stunted growth amongst children which, according to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), can take variety of forms such as protein-energy malnutrition, iodine deficiency disorders and deficiencies of iron and vitamin A.

At Nutricima, “we believe that good nutrition for children is vital for healthy growth and general wellbeing which is the major concern of most mothers and with the smart growth formulation they can feel secured knowing that their children have all they require to grow everyday and achieve their full potentials,” he said.

Nunu Smart Growth is endorsed by the Nutrition Society of Nigeria and, according to a recent study, children between ages 7 – 12 years who are regularly exposed to nutrients offered by products like Nunu milk have steady growth and develop faster.

According to the Dietitian Nutritionist of the Nutrition Society of Nigeria, Coates-Romoke Oludayo, “based on the latest data from UNICEF, an estimated 11 percent of children age 5 – 8 and 1.7 million in Nigeria alone suffer from acute malnutrition while 40 percent and 10.1 million children in Nigeria are affected by chronic malnutrition (stunting) hence, with smart growth formulation, mothers can be rest assured that their children will have access to all the nutrients they require to grow healthy.”

“We encourage Nigerians to reduce the rate of malnutrition and stunted growth amongst children by introducing proper nutrients and smartly incorporating nutritious milk into their meals. Nunu has been certified to contain needed daily nutritional requirements that enable children grow everyday and, we as experts, are endorsing it for the nutritional benefits, fitness and alertness it provides when consumed,” she said.

Explaining the essence of smart growth and its importance to mothers and their kids, Brand Manager, Nunu, Nathaniel Adewusi said, “malnutrition is probably the most common cause of growth failure. Children are the most affected by it and that is why Nutricima believes that good nutrition plays an important role in the growth process of every child. Stunted growth, malnutrition, poor nutrition are some of the prevailing challenges amongst Nigerian children. Nunu believes there is an urgent need to provide children with the right nutrition during their formative years, hence the launch of Nunu Smart Growth.”

Adewusi added that “every mother’s interest is centered on their children growing mentally and physically and achieving their full potentials and our concern at Nutricima is to help them achieve this. With a brand like Nunu, you are assured that your kids get all the right nutrients needed to grow smart”

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