Guinness Nigeria introduces its newest creation – Malta Guinness Herbs Lite

Guinness Nigeria Plc on Tuesday 4th October introduced its newest drink to the Nigerian public – Malta Guinness Herbs Lite, a line extension of its famous malt brand, Malta Guinness.

The brewer known for its iconic Guinness Foreign Extra Stout said that the new malt drink not only provides the goodness of Malta Guinness, but also gives the benefits of herbal extracts in a low sugar formulation.

The launch event which took place in Enugu, at the prestigious Golden Royale Hotel, was attended by Guinness top hierarchy, industry regulators and local entertainers.

While speaking about the new drink, the Managing Director of Guinness Nigeria Plc, Mr. Peter Ndegwa, explained that the company chose to introduce the new drink to the malt beverage category as way to give Nigerians more choice in malt drinks but also to usher in a healthier alternative with low sugar formulation. He stated that with the new classification by industry regulators on sugar content for malt beverages, Malta Guinness Herbs Lite is the first truly light sugar malt in the country delivering less sugar than the competition.

Jody Samuels-Ike, who is the Innovative Director for Guinness Nigeria, said:

We also are committed to ensuring that we comply with regulations, in all our activities. So in response to the recent NAFDAC/SON statute prescribing new guidelines for low, light and regular malt drinks, we are introducing a perfectly balanced Malt drink that gives you much more than you expect from a regular malt drink”.

Guinness said that the brand is positioned to redefine the experience in the malt beverage market as it was masterfully crafted with 100% natural herb and fruit extracts.

Guests who attended the event were entertained by comedian Lord Ell as they savored the taste of the new drink.

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