Kenya Breweries eyes the youth with introduction of Smirnoff Ice Electric Ginseng

Kenya Breweries Limited (KBL), a Diageo company has introduced Smirnoff Ice Electric Ginseng into the Kenyan market targeting the youths.

KBL said on Monday Smirnoff Ice Electric Ginseng will be marketed to the youth who make up 54% of the total alcohol market volume in the country. It adds that there would be a focus on male consumers who have not been drawn to existing RTDs segment.

“Kenya is the first market in the world to launch the Smirnoff Ice Electric Ginseng. The drink cues to the freshness youthfulness and energetic spirit among Kenyan millennial consumers,” said KBL’s head of innovations, Fred Otieno.

The new drink is the first alcoholic drink in Kenya that contains Ginseng, an exotic herb that has for long been used in Asian food-and-drink culture, giving it a unique, bold taste unlike any other.

“Smirnoff first launched the vodka-based RTDs in the Kenyan market four years ago with the Smirnoff Red and Black Ice-packaged in clear returnable bottles. In recent years, it has launched the already successful Smirnoff Ice Double Black with Guarana offered in a can,” the company said.

Kenyan Breweries Limited is a unit of East African Breweries Limited (EABL), which in turn is a Diageo company.

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