Euro Global Introduces Power Bitters Lite


Euro Global Foods and Distilleries Limited, makers of a wide range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages such as Sabrina Gin, Amphora range of wines, Julius Tonic wine, among others has introduced yet another drink into the market, Power Bitters Lite.

Power Bitters Lite is a lighter version of Power Bitters, which was introduced into the market in February. According to the company, the Lite version has lower alcohol content.

While speaking on the product, the Managing Director of Euro Global, Mr. Manish Uniyal, said: “Power Bitters Lite is made from natural herbs, spices and fruit extracts blended with 6% alcohol content only. It is perfect for those who are health conscious but still ready to indulge themselves. We are quite confident that this variant will be a runaway success just like the Power Bitters.”

Euro Global’s Marketing Director, Mr. Felix Aighobahi, noted that the new variant was produced with the customer in mind. “Over time we’ve received feedback from our dealers and distributors in the market on consumers’ request for a lighter variant of Power Bitters and we decided to act on them leading to the birth of Power Bitters Lite which we are quite certain will impact the market positively,” he said.

“Power Bitters Lite has already hit the markets through our network of dealers and distributors across the country. We will be embarking on road shows and other activations to introduce the product to Nigerians and have them sample it in the coming weeks, Aighobahi added.

The new Power Bitters Lite comes in 33cl glass bottle and 33cl can and retails for N130 and N155 respectively.

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