Coca-Cola unveils new global campaign ‘Taste the Feeling’ in Nigeria

Coca-Cola on Friday April 15 unveiled its new global campaign in Nigeria, “Taste the Feeling”.

The event took place on a well attended stylish party, which held on Coke Island, a brand new ‘floating island’ built purposely on the Lagos Lagoon for the event. Thanks to the creativity of the human mind and the wonders of technology!

The event was graced by celebrities, social influences from the media, Coca-Cola consumers, customers and employees.

The Marketing Director of Coca-Cola Nigeria, Patricia Jemibewon, said that “Today, we are pleased and proud to unveil the Nigerian adaptation of Coca-Cola’s latest global marketing campaign, ‘Taste the Feeling’.

“We believe this will resonate strongly, excite and win the hearts and minds of our consumers and stakeholders like all our previous campaigns did.”

She added that the campaign leaned heavily on the emotional values of happiness and optimism adding, “Taste the feeling will feature universal story-telling”.

According to Jemibewon, the underlying campaign is the new One Brand strategy that marks a significant shift in Coca-Cola’s marketing approach.

She said that for the first time, it would unite all of Coke’s trademark brand in one global creative campaign that would celebrate the product and the brand.

“The new campaign is also a strategy shift from our seven-year old campaign ‘Open Happiness’.

“Taste the feeling however, places the product at the heart of the community reflecting the functional and emotional aspect of Coca-Cola.

She noted that the campaign would highlight the core values of Coca-Cola: Optimism, closeness and inclusiveness.

Speaking on the campaign Mr. Clem Ugorji, Public Affairs and Communication Director, Coca-Cola Nigeria, said that the campaign was an offshoot of Coca-Cola’s new one Brand strategy.

“This approach brings the spotlight on all variants of the Coke trademark such as Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Zero, Diet Coke, etc and underscores the company’s commitment to choice.

“This will also offer consumers options in taste and with or without calories,” he said. He added that the campaign would be live from April to August on traditional and digital media channels.


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