Coca-Cola Nigeria quietly launches new 60cl bottle

The battle in the carbonated soft drinks (CSD) market is about to get more intense, as Coca-Cola, the leading soft drinks company in Nigeria by market size has quietly introduced a new 60cl bottle of its famed brand to the market.

The new 60cl Coke bottle, which comes in a white cap contains 20% more fizz and is a direct challenge to the new entrant in the market, BIG Cola, from AJEAST Nigeria Ltd, a subsidiary of AJE Group of Peru, which made its foray into the Nigerian market in October 2015, with offers of 65cl bottle of its cola brand for N100, when others were offering 50cl for the same price.

In December, Pepsi, a product bottled by Seven-Up Bottling Company responded with the introduction of its new 60cl ’Long Throat’ bottle, which retails for N100. It was only a matter of time before Coca-Cola responded to the challenge.

With the competition getting more intense and the offers in terms of volume and price almost on equal par among the three major players, what will it take to sway the consumer towards buying one brand over another? Will the deciding factor rest on quality, taste, advertising spend, distribution, availability or will there be new product innovations that will tilt the balance in favour of one brand? We will bring you the news when it happens.

4 Responses to Coca-Cola Nigeria quietly launches new 60cl bottle

  1. Chinelo says:

    The unprecedented competition posed by Big Cola is definitely a game changer in the CSD market.

  2. Abe enai says:

    I see 60 cl, flat tasting, red capped ,Coca Cola PET bottle in the open market.. What gives?

  3. Ezepue Lilian Amaka says:

    What is the difference between the white and red cover of the new 60cl Coca Cola.

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