AB InBev pays-off $42.5bn acquisition bridge loan after a successful bond issue


Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev) said on Thursday that it had paid-off $42.5bn of a $75bn senior acquisition loan used to finance the purchase of SABMiller after a very successful bond issue.

The Belgian-based brewer, said it had raised about $47bn in net proceeds from a $46bn bond issuance announced on January 13 and the Formosa deal announced on January 20.

The high response to the company’s $46bn bond, which raised a $110bn order book, the largest ever for a bond issue, and the quick repayment, is great news for the company and the 21 banks that put together $4bn each for the jumbo loan.

“This is a big relief for banks, which can reuse the capital. It’s a successful transaction. We made tons of fees on the bonds and the bridges have been paid down which is great result for everyone in a difficult market,” a senior loan banker said.

AB InBev’s loan facility was reduced to $32.5bn after the bond issues in January, which lead to a mandatory cancellation of a $15bn bridge to cash and a $15bn bridge to debt capital markets on January 25.

The company also cancelled $12.5bn of a $25bn term “facility A.”

The remaining $12.5bn cancellation of the three-year term loan “facility A” was done voluntarily,” the company said on Thursday.

The remaining loan now consists of $12.5bn, three-year term “facility A”, a $10bn five-year term “facility B” and a $10bn, one-year disposal bridge facility, AB InBev said.

The company further said that it plans to use net proceeds from sale of both SABMiller’s stakes in MillerCoors and Miller brands, joint-ventures it held with U.S. based Molsen Coors, and other future divestments to pay down and cancel the disposals bridge loans in due course.

While agreeing to buy its rival SABMiller last year, AB InBev also agreed to sell SABMiller’s stakes in Molsen Coors to help win regulatory approval.

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