Daily Archives: December 28, 2015

Kasapreko launches $70m modern factory as Alomo bitters gets a new look

Kasapreko Company Limited, Ghanaian firm known for its famous Alomo Bitters has unveiled a new state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Ghana at a cost of $70m.

The new factory is said to be equipped with modern machinery that would enable the company migrate to a total beverage enterprise. It is said to be equipped with high speed spirit production lines that can produce 70,000 glass and PET bottles per hour and two additional installed lines capable of producing 40,000 bottles of water and non-alcoholic drinks per hour.

Guinness reinvents as it rolls out a non-alcoholic variant of its famous stout in Indonesia

Diageo, the world’s largest spirit company is scrambling to reinvent itself as its famous Guinness Stout faces opposition in a largely Muslim Indonesia. The government placed a ban on alcohol sales in mini-markets and convenience stores in April. To counter the ban, the company launched a new alcohol-free Guinness made exclusively for Indonesia, Southeast Asia’s largest market.

Recent tide towards conservatism in Indonesia, a majority Muslim country and concerns about underage drinking caused the government to ban sales of alcohol in certain stores.