Eastern Distilleries unveils Almondia Brandy


Eastern Distilleries and Food Industries Limited, Onitsha based maker of premium spirits has unveiled the latest addition to its portfolio, Almondia Brandy.

Speaking recently to the media at the product launch in Ikeja Sheraton Hotels, the Managing Director of Eastern Distilleries, Mr. Chris Chidume, said that Almondia is a product of years of research and pragmatic partnership between highly focused individuals and organization with clear and verifiable unique selling points and competitive advantages over its competitors and contemporaries.

He adds that the quest for Almondia started when he observed that Nigerians have a unique taste for fashion, drink and style. “They love to enjoy life with quality products that add maximum value.

“However, in the area of spirit drinks, our people always look up to foreign brands to satisfy their taste and desires. It is in response to this vacuum that we in Eastern Distilleries and Food Industries Ltd came up with the idea of a wholly Nigeria made spirit drink which will not only compete with foreign brands but in reality beat the foreign brands in all ramifications. That brand is ALMONDIA brandy.”

Mr. Chidume states that the product is triple filtered to produce a clear, pure and sparkling brandy. The product is then infused with top quality roasted almond nuts to deliver a smooth, sweet, fruity and spicy aroma and taste that is difficult to resist.

Launch of Almondia Brandy at Ikeja Sheraton

R-L: Chris Chidume, Managing Director, Eastern Distilleries and Food Industries Ltd, Emmanuel Ikubese, Mr. Nigeria with Nonso Chukwudebe, Almondia Brandy, Brand Manager at the media launch on Friday, 11th November, 2015

Almondia brandy has been given high marks by world class tasters with years of experience in sampling brandy.

Brandy Almondia comes in a beautiful elongated crystal clear bottle making the golden colour of the brandy sparkle. “The packaging of Almondia brandy is a beauty to behold,” he adds. The product comes in a non-refillable bottle with valve closure technology which protects it from adulteration or tampering. “While the content of the bottle can easily be poured out, one can never get any liquid into the bottle without breaking it. It is never to be faked,” Chidume said.

To further promote the product, Emmanuel Ikubese, the reigning Mr. Nigeria has been chosen as the brand ambassador. “We have chosen Emmanuel as the brand ambassador because he embodies what our brand stands for,” explains Nonso Chukwudebe, Brandy Almondia, brand manager. “We are about everything positive that has come out of Nigeria. Our product is proudly made in Nigeria.”

Ikubese says he is pleased with the concept of Brandy Almondia as a luxury brand. “I will do everything within my power to promote the brand. I was blown away by the design of the bottle. I love the content too which is premium like any other foreign brandy.”

4 Responses to Eastern Distilleries unveils Almondia Brandy

  1. wow is mind blowing,I always believe in your vision,I believe in Nigeria, our products is moving world wide,keep the hope and faith alive.

  2. ice chill says:

    We are taking over!!!!!!

  3. Kings says:

    I am loving it

    Proud of Made in Niaja!

    Just also ensure there is no fake of it…

    Keep the good work, be sure you already have one steady Customer.

  4. Akpofure Esievoadje says:

    I have taken it and its very good. I recommend it for everybody

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