Italy overtakes France to lead world in wine production


Italy has overtaken France to lead the world in wine production at 50.37 million hectoliters harvest in 2015-16, according to data compiled by the European Union Department for Rural Affairs and Agriculture, which keeps track of wine production estimates for all 28 member states of the EU through September 2016.

The harvest estimate represents a growth of nearly 6 million hectoliters on last year, which is equal to a 13.4 percent volume rise.

Meanwhile, production levels in France have fallen by 1 percent in wine volumes this year. The country expects to produce 46.5 million hectoliters this year, down 483,000 hl on last year, when it help the top spot.

Spain’s wine output is expected to remain unchanged at 36.6 million hectoliters, keeping it in the third place in terms of output.

The Czech Republic is expected to post the largest growth of any EU country this year, as it has increased its production estimate by 42 percent to 739,900 hectoliters.

The UK, which mainly produces sparkling wine, is expecting modest growth of 4.4 percent this year to 47,000 hectoliters.

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