Nigerian Breweries, UNIDO partner to protect resources

The Nigeria Breweries Plc, in partnership with United Nation Industrial Development Organisation ( UNIDO) has organised a 3-day Stakeholder Workshop on water stewardship in Nigeria.

The workshop which is designed to engage with relevant stakeholders on issues of protecting water resources as well as developing ways to achieve water balance in Nigeria.

Mr. Nicolas Vervelde, the Managing Director, CEO of Nigeria Breweries Plc ‎said, ‎”Nigeria breweries Plc has been driven by a desire to create excellent shared value and contribution towards the development of the society and environment. This is currently evidenced in our long term sustainability strategy tagged Brewing a better World.

This Brewing a Better World strategy is centered on six focus areas which are protecting water resources, reducing carbon emission, sourcing sustainable, advocating responsible consumption, ensuring the health and safety and growth with communities.”

“In the area of protecting water resources, we have set our ambitious targets in our operations. Our aim is that by 2020, we would have reduced our water consumption to 3.5 hectoliters per hectoliters to beer produced in all our ‎breweries except breweries in water stressed areas that have a more stringent target of 3.3 hectoliters per hectoliters of beer. We have also committed to ensure significant water compensation by our production units in water scarce and distressed areas.”

” The workshop will follow a unique and very structured methodology making sure that all participant bring in their know how, experiences and viewpoints in a balanced way. The expected outcome of the workshop will be a common vision supported by all stakeholders on the most important water issues and on the collective efforts required to enhance water security.Vervelde‎ said.

Dr. David Tommy, Country representative, UNIDO, ‎however said that in February 2015, UNIDO and Heineken International B.V signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the development of water stewardship and inclusive supplier development programmes and promotion of renewable energy solutions in selected countries around the world. Nigeria was one of the 6 countries selected where the water stewardship programme will be executed.

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