BM Whisky bonds with Polo Club

BM Whisky, a premium whisky brand from the stable of Grand Oak Limited, a leader in the wine and spirits market in Nigeria has partnered with Lagos Polo Club to add spectacle to its Sticks and Balls tournament.

The tournament which was scheduled to hold on Saturday, November 7, had to be postponed due to the heavy downpour the previous day, which made the polo pitch in Ikoyi soggy and unsafe for the match.

Many polo lovers who had anticipated a memorable evening were disappointed upon realizing that the downpour had left the pitch soaked, and it became apparent that the match would no longer hold.

However, their disappointment was transformed to a night of fun and excitement as they were treated to the refreshing taste of Grand Oak’s new premium alcoholic brand Black Mystique Whisky. The participants of the tournament and invited guests enjoyed an exquisite special experience as they were served BM Whisky.

BM Whisky was launched into the Nigerian market during the 55th Independence anniversary celebration and the brand has been making waves in the Nigerian spirits market.

Speaking at the Polo Club event, Promotion Manager, Grand Oak Limited, Kate Akeju said “BM Whisky is a premium Scotch whisky and we are here to ensure the guests are comfortable while providing refreshments for the club members”.

She further mentioned that “BM Whisky will continue to be a leading whisky brand at high-class events in Nigeria. We are in talks with more premium bars and clubs where we can showcase the brand”.

Proprietors and patrons have the opportunity to light up their bars and clubs with Black Mystique Whisky, which is the true spirit of the night. It is a premium blended with the finest scotch and select Indian malts for a discerning taste.

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