CHI launches affordable handy Packs for Consumers

CHI Limited, makers of Chivita range of fruit juices have introduced a new handy Can Pack of their various juices into the market.

According to the Managing Director, CHI Limited, Deepanjan Roy, “the new and attractive 315ml can pack has a genuine consumer appeal and the feedback from the market has been fantastic. At the cost of N100, we are confident that the affordability, accessibility and convenience of this trendy, handy and On-the-Go Can packs would ensure that our consumers continue to get the same refreshing taste and nourishment”.

The company said that “the new Juice Can Pack which is targeted at hip, trendy and On-the-go consumers is designed in a dynamic prismatic shape with an attractive cap that is well blended into the pack. Its handy size allows consumers to take it along with them wherever they go and fits into the lifestyle of young upwardly mobile consumers”.

Roy said that the motive for the introduction of the packs in “an ever dynamic market, innovation is crucial to differentiating a brand from the crowded pack. For a brand that has grown to become the market leader in Nigeria’s Juice and fruit drink market, it is imperative that innovative ideas drive the production, packaging and marketing of its products. CHI Limited recent introduction of the “Can Pack” for their juice like Chivita 100%, Chivita Active and Chi Exotic is a reference point to how the brand has leveraged on consumer feedback to drive innovative and affordable packaging that suits their lifestyle.”

He said that consumers have praised the Can Pack size for its elegance, convenience and shelf appeal. “They particularly appreciate its advantages over aluminum can packaging because it is easy to hold, pour from, and is far more environmentally friendly,” he said.

“With its range of high quality fruit juices like Chivita100 per cent, Chivita Active and CHI Exotic in the 315ml can pack, the story can only get more interesting for a brand that truly places premium on consumer needs and satisfaction.”

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