Moët & Chandon introduces Moët Ice Impérial brand to the Nigerian market

Moët & Chandon will be introducing a new champagne called Moët Ice Impérial into the Nigerian market. Moët Ice Impérial is the world’s first-ever champagne specifically created to be enjoyed on ice in warm climates.

In July 2015, Moët & Chandon announced the official launch of Moët Ice Impérial to corporate partners through a small private event.

As a luxury brand, Moët is not sparing any expense. The company has announced that they will be introducing the Champagne brand into the Nigerian market by hosting an all-white exclusive party at the newly renovated Radisson Blu on the 10th October 2015.

This high profile event will be attended by key personalities in the society cutting across captains of industries to ‘A’ list celebrities.

The aim of the party is to showcase the different fascinating ways Ice Imperial Champagne can be enjoyed.

Ice Imperial reflects a new frontier in champagne, delivering the new sensations of crisp freshness and powerful tropical fruit aromas, and offering a unique, fun-filed experience for chic, sunny and exclusive social gatherings.

“Proposing a radically new way to drink champagne, Moët Ice Imperial’s champagne blend has been expertly developed to intensify the taste experience, with an original flavor twist of fresh red fruits. The rich structure offers a hint of sweetness, and stands up against dilution while catering to all palates”, commented Chef de Cave Benoît Gouez.

Packaged in a luxurious white lacquered bottle with a black tie, gold label and a silver design that revamps industry conventions, Moët Ice Imperial exemplifies the house’s elegance, glamour and pioneering nature.

Moet Ice Imperial can also be garnished with Strawberries, mint leaves, a slice of cucumber or white grapefruit according to taste preference.

In a statement, the brand manager revealed that Moët Ice Imperial was one of the most successful champagne in the world in 2014.

After such an achievement, Moët Ice Imperial decided to pursue a new strategy of becoming the world’s first-ever seasonal champagne, specifically created to be enjoyed on ice during social daytime gatherings in exclusive destinations.

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