ACE Roots not struggling, says NB

Nigerian Breweries Plc has come out to debunk insinuations that ACE Roots, the bitters drink that was unveiled earlier this year to compete with rival ‘Orijin’ drink from Guinness Nigeria Plc was struggling to survive in the market due to the success of ‘Orijin’ which has emerged as one of the most dominant alcoholic beverages in Nigeria since 2014.

Edem Vindah, Media and Public Affairs Manager, Nigerian Breweries said to Marketing Edge Magazine, any reports that Ace Root is struggling was false and an attempt by a rival organization to undermine the brand’s rapid surge in the market. “Ace Roots is doing well in the market. If not, our rival will not be working hard to run it down,” he said.

There have been reports around the bitters and Ready-to-drink (RTDs) segment that indicates ‘Orijin’ comfortably eclipsing its rival. Since 2013, when it was first introduced, ‘Orijin’ has gained over 50 percent market share of bottled drinks with similar alcoholic strength.

Mr. Vindah also denied rumours that Nigerian Breweries may have giving in to ‘Orijin’ meteoric rise and dominance of the bitters market, which explains why NB hasn’t aggressively marketed ACE Roots as it does with other major brands in its stable.

However, Vindah maintained that such sentiment cannot be true as ACE Roots is currently performing beyond expectations and at the moment cannot meet the huge demand for the beverage across the country.

ACE Roots was introduced to the Nigerian market in early March 2015, signaling a marketing battle between the two rival beer companies in Nigeria. Guinness Nigeria Plc and Nigerian Breweries have long competed for who will control the Nigerian alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage market.

ACE Roots

ACE Roots

At the introduction of ACE Roots earlier in the year, the Sales Director of Nigerian Breweries, Hubert Eze, said the launch was informed by the quest to meet the needs of consumers and reconnect them to an era when herbal drinks held sway to cure many health challenges.

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  1. Prince Adeyemi says:

    Its a good product and lovely to drink.. Pls,I need NB to supply me oo!! I deal only their product but cant get to dem.. I stay in Ikotun

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