Eastern Distilleries introduces VARGA Super Premium Dry Gin

Eastern Distilleries and Food Industries Limited, Onitsha based maker of premium spirits has launched VARGA Super Premium Dry Gin into the market.

VARGA Premium dry gin is distilled under strict industrial condition and can compete favourably with the best gins from London and elsewhere with a rich gin culture.

According to Stanley Egbunugha, Plant Manager, Eastern Distilleries and Food Industries Limited, the product is made from certified food grade ethyl alcohol that passed through distillation. The process of certification followed the tradition of excellence that Eastern Distilleries and Food Industries Limited has come to be known for, where at the end of the distillation, the heart is separated from the tail.

According to Egbunugha, most distillers use granular activated carbon, but VARGA Super Premium gin is filtered through 40-feet filtration vessels that contain 2000kg of powdered activated carbon, sourced from Noritz in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Between the vessels is quartz to remove every drop of carbon.

He added that the product is free from congeners, acetone and higher alcohols that cause headaches, nausea, sensitivity to light and lethargy that is experienced after consuming spirits.

The distilled spirit is passed through each of the columns of 40-feet filtration vessels to eliminate all fatty acids, the tails and heads, which usually cause headaches and drowsiness.

The distilled spirit is then left for 24-hours to decant and afterwards passed through 0.5 micron filters. What is left is an exceptionally clean, crisp, safe, and tasty spirit that is free of even the minutest impurity.

Additionally, VARGA super premium has a non-refillable valve closure technology that protects it from adulteration or tampering.  The company is the only firm in the country that has the non-refillable valve closure technology feature in their product.

VARGA Super premium dry gin comes in an exotic packaging for people with discerning taste. The outer box is made of leather that is adorned with glittering metallic steel that bears the engraved name of the product. Also the box has a magnetic feature that holds the lid in place. The boxes are packaged six in a wooden cask on which the details of the product are carefully printed.

Mr. Egbunugha adds that: “VARGA is a premium drink with unique taste and appeal that is only peculiar to the brand.”

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