Gulder launches National Consumer Promo, with offer of a new car

Gulder, a premium lager beer from the stables of Nigerian Breweries Plc has launched the 2015 Edition of Gulder National Consumer Promotion.

As with any promo, the objective is to raise awareness of the product to consumers with the hope to sell more products, in this case, Gulder Lager Beer.

What does the consumer get in return? The consumer has an opportunity to win a brand new Hyundai Elantra sedan, among other prices.

What does the consumer have to do to win one of these prices? All the consumer needs to do is buy a bottle of Gulder Lager Beer at a cost of N220, depending on bar. The company adds that of course purchasing more bottles increases the consumer’s chance of winning a new car or other prices.

The company said that there are two channels to winning a car and other prices.

Channel One

Consumers who purchase Gulder would see an alphanumeric inscription under the crown cork. Consumers who find the codes need to send a text message to 20388 and they would be automatically entered to be part of the national electronic raffle draw that would be held every two weeks.

The person whose number is selected at the electronic raffle draw automatically wins a brand new Hyundai Elantra. The company adds that there are six brand new Hyundai Elantras available in this category. There are a total of 14 Hyundai Elantras to be won.

A second and third prize winner in this category gets N200,000 and N100,000 respectively.

Channel Two

A second channel to winning a Hyundai Elantra and other prizes involves purchasing six bottles of Gulder Lager Beer for the sum of N1,320 and sending the short code to 20388.

The company says there are guaranteed consolation prizes for 200 of the participants, including: MP3 Players, Mini Music Bluetooth Speakers, dual Sim phones, electric shavers, Gulder Cufflinks, Spray irons, Cook plates, rechargeable standing fans Galaxy Tabs, Smart phones, 32-inch television sets, a year supply of Gulder, 1.3 KVA generators, refrigerators and home theatres.

Gulder said there are also instant cork prizes to be won. The gift items in this category are 3.5 million bottles of beer and 500,000 units of N200 airtime, redeemable from any of the major networks.

Consumers who find these codes under a crown cork need to send a text to 20388 to obtain an instant electronic recharge from any of the four major GSM operators – Glo, Airtel, Etisalat and MTN. The free drinks can be claimed at redemption centres.

The Marketing Manager for Gulder, Mr. Emmanuel Agu said “Every crown cork in the Gulder Ultimate Promo is a promise kept.”

Chuka Nnabuife, who won the first Hyundai Elantra car, said it was great to win a brand he has followed for more than two decades. “I feel highly rewarded by a brand that I have followed for over 27 years. Initially, I never wanted to be part of the Ultimate Chase but eventually I participated. Nigerian Breweries Plc., through Gulder has continued to show why it is the biggest beer brand in Nigeria. Thank Gulder for creating this platform which I have benefitted immensely from,” he said.

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  1. Charles onen ibiang says:

    Gulder is truly the ultimate,long live gulder ultimate,long live Nigeria brewery.

  2. I want to participate in promo sells

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